Powered by 2SP Sports Performance, the Athlete Lab training space features world-class amenities for our teams and athletes to achieve and maintain peak physical performance. 2SP will train athletes in the performance training space, which will feature weight racks, Kaiser squat racks; FreeMotion cable columns; a dumbbell zone; a skating treadmill, and an adjacent turfed area with Torque Tank4 sleds, sprint lanes, a medicine ball zone, battle rope zone and open space for functional movement exercises. Founded in 2007 by Joe Neal, Director of Athlete Performance, 2SP Sports Performance has been committed to bettering athletes for over a decade.

The performance training space, created with the elite athlete in mind, will also include approximately 1,000 square feet dedicated to a Cognitive Training Zone that will utilize the Sense Arena virtual reality training and Senaptec Technology, designed to improve movement, balance and reaction time.